Today we released another maintenance release. We expect this to be the last release in the 2.1.x series before 2.2.0. The release mostly fixes smaller bugs and brings minor user interface improvements.

We also fixed a possible overflow in the external zxcvbn library, which we use for assessing password quality. We strongly recommend upgrading KeePassXC as soon as possible, but don’t believe this issue to be exploitable.

Full list of changes:

Security improvements are tagged with 🔒. Major improvements are tagged with ⭐️.

  • Fix possible overflow in zxcvbn library [#363] 🔒
  • Revert HiDPI setting to avoid problems on laptop screens [#332]
  • Set file meta properties in Windows executable [#330]
  • Suppress error message when auto-reloading a locked database [#345]
  • Improve usability of question dialog when database is already locked by a different instance [#346] ⭐️
  • Fix compiler warnings in QHttp library [#351]
  • Use unified toolbar on Mac OS X [#361] ⭐️
  • Fix an issue on X11 where the main window would be raised instead of closed on Alt+F4 [#362]