Quickstart Guide

Quickstart Guide for KeePassXC

This procedure gets KeePassXC running on your computer with browser integration, using the pre-built binaries available for download from our website.

TL;DR KeePassXC saves your passwords securely. When you double-click a URL in KeePassXC, it launches your default browser to that URL. With browser integration configured, KeePassXC automatically enters username/password credentials into web page fields.

Installing and starting KeePassXC

  • Download the native installer and install KeePassXC for your Windows, macOS, or Linux computer in the usual way for your platform.
  • Open the KeePassXC application.
  • Create a new database and give it a master key that's used to unlock the database file. This database holds entries (usernames, passwords, account numbers, notes) for all your websites, programs, etc.
  • Create a few entries – enter the username, password, URL, and optionally notes about the entry.
  • KeePassXC securely stores those entries in the database.

Setting up browser integration with KeePassXC

  • Within KeePassXC, go to Tools->Settings (on macOS, go to KeePassXC->Preferences).
  • In Browser Integration, check Enable KeePassXC browser integration Leave the other options at their defaults.
  • Enable the checkbox for your browser.
    Browser Integration settings
  • In your default web browser, install the KeePassXC-Browser extension/add-on. Instructions for Firefox or Chrome
  • Click the KeePassXC icon in the upper-right corner. You'll see the dialog below.
  • Click the blue Connect button to make the browser extension connect to the KeePassXC application.
    KeePassXC Connect dialog
  • Switch back to KeePassXC. You'll see a dialog (below) indicating that a request to connect has arrived.
  • Give the connection a name (perhaps Keepass-Browsername, any unique name will suffice) and click OK to accept it.
  • This one-time operation connects KeePassXC and your browser.
    KeePassXC accept connection dialog

Using browser integration

  • Within KeePassXC, double-click the URL of an entry, or select it and type Ctrl+U (Cmd+U on macOS).
  • Your browser opens to that URL.
  • If there are username/password fields on that page, you will see the dialog below. Click "Allow" to confirm that KeePassXC may access the credentials to auto-fill the fields.
  • Check Remember this decision to allow this each time you visit the page.
    KeePassXC Confirm Access dialog