The Team


The KeePassXC team is formed by


You can contact us via IRC on in the channels #keepassxc (user's channel) and #keepassxc-dev (developer's channel). Please be patient when asking a question. You may not get an immediate answer, but someone will respond to you eventually.

Please note that you need to register your nickname with NickServ before you can talk. Unfortunately, that is necessary to prevent spam.

Our two IRC channels are also synced to [matrix], so if you prefer that as a more modern alternative, join here:

If you need to report a security issue please email us. We prefer these reports be sent with PGP-signed/encrypted email. Please do not (!) send user questions, bug reports or support requests to that address (that's what IRC, [matrix], and our GitHub issue tracker are for).

Janek Bevendorff
Friesstr. 1
99423 Weimar, Germany
legal 'AT` keepassxc ^DOT' org
No user questions, please! Legal or otherwise confidential correspondence only!

Team email PGP key: 105D 8D57 BB97 46BD

Please note: We are an international team who speak a few different languages and we will use Google Translate if needed (mind your privacy!), but it's easiest for us to respond to English emails. Thank you!