The Team

The KeePassXC team is formed by


You can contact us via [matrix], a free chat protocol. We have two channels, one for user questions and one for development-related discussions:

Please be patient when asking a question! You may not get an immediate answer, but someone will respond to you eventually.

In case you prefer it old-school, we also have the two equivalent IRC channels #keepassxc and #keepassxc-dev on, which are synced with the [matrix] channels above.

If you need to report a security issue, please send us a private (encrypted) message on [matrix] or email us. Please do not (!) send user questions, bug reports or support requests that way (that's what the public [matrix] and IRC channels and our GitHub issue tracker are for).

Janek Bevendorff
Friesstr. 1
99423 Weimar, Germany
[email protected]

No user questions via email, please! Legal or otherwise confidential correspondence only!

Team email PGP key: 105D 8D57 BB97 46BD

Please note: We are an international team who speak a few different languages, and we will use Google Translate if needed (mind your privacy!), but it's easiest for us to respond to English emails. Thank you!