Cross-platform Password Manager

Let KeePassXC safely store your passwords and auto-fill them into your favorite apps, so you can forget all about them.

We do the heavy lifting in a no-nonsense, ad-free, tracker-free, and cloud-free manner. Free and open source.


Your passwords remain encrypted at all times and no data is stored on remote servers, so you stay in full control of your data. No cloud, no ads, no subscriptions.


Every feature is thoroughly tested on Windows, macOS, and Linux, so you can expect a seamless experience no matter which operating system you use.

Open Source

The source code is completely open source under the GPLv3 license and openly available on GitHub. Feel free to inspect, share, and contribute!

The Project

KeePassXC is a modern, secure, and open-source password manager that stores and manages your most sensitive information.

You can run KeePassXC on Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. KeePassXC is for people with extremely high demands of secure personal data management. It saves many types of information, such as usernames, passwords, URLs, attachments, and notes in an offline, encrypted file that can be stored in any location, including private and public cloud solutions.

How to Get Started

Our Getting Started Guide walks you through the steps of downloading and installing KeePassXC for Windows, macOS, or Linux. Additionally, many Linux distributions ship their own versions, so in that case please check your distribution's package list.

Detailed usage documentation is available in the User Guide. Also head over to our Documentation & FAQ page for more information.

Recent Blog Posts

KeePassXC 2.7.5 released

Today, we are releasing KeePassXC 2.7.5 with a bunch of bug fixes and performance improvements. This version fixes three separate crashes that were found with the support of our active community members. Additionally, we fixed several areas in the code that were causing significant slow downs when databases had more than a thousand entries.

This release brings several popular feature requests including a menu option to temporarily allow screen capture (Windows & macOS), an improved layout to the HTML export, improved KeePassXC logos and icons, and increasing the max TOTP step to 24 hours.

Temporarily allow screen capture
Temporarily allow screen capture

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KeePassXC Audit Report

An audit of KeePassXC has been on the wish list since we started this project over six years ago. Today we are happy to announce the release of an audit conducted by Zaur Molotnikov, an independent security consultant, that was completed on January 19, 2023 against KeePassXC 2.7.4. This audit was conducted free of charge to the KeePassXC Team and the findings and writeup were reviewed for correctness.

Read the Audit Report

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KeePassXC 2.7.4 released

Today, we are releasing KeePassXC 2.7.4, the fourth maintenance update for the 2.7 stable series.

The release fixes several issues that appeared in the previous release concerning the browser integration and the entry preview panel, as well as a compatibility problem with macOS 13 Ventura. In addition, we also improved Unicode support on Windows and added a two-month password expiration preset.

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KeePassXC 2.7.3 released

Today, we are releasing KeePassXC 2.7.3, the third maintenance update for the 2.7 stable series.

This release introduces saved searches, enhanced tags support, improvements to the entry preview panel, a db-edit command to the CLI, and corrects numerous bugs and crashes. We have also made several quality of life improvements to the program such as tabbing around the interface and preventing focus locks. This update also provides better handling of dark/light mode detection on macOS and Linux.

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