KeePassXC 2.7.7 released

We’re thrilled to announce the release of KeePassXC version 2.7.7. This update brings several exciting features and enhancements that will improve your workflow and integration with modern authentication services. Let’s dive into the major highlights:

Passkeys Support

This release delivers the official implementation of Passkeys for KeePassXC! This feature is a year in the making and uses the existing browser integration service to both store and use Passkeys for authentication. A special thank you to Ortham for providing an extremely comprehensive standards, security, and privacy review of our implementation prior to release. If you haven’t heard of Passkeys yet, they are an alternative to passwords that are incredibly secure and privacy preserving. Read more about Passkeys and also read our documentation.

Passkeys Report
Passkeys Report

Import Wizard

Migrating from another password manager? We have you covered! KeePassXC now has the ability to import your data from the latest versions of 1Password and Bitwarden. We have also introduced a better import workflow, improved CSV handling, and the ability to import into an existing database.

Import Wizard
Import Wizard

Simplified Database Unlock

The last major improvement is a much more streamlined database unlock experience. We have removed all extra fields unless you use them. Hardware keys, such as Yubikey and OnlyKey, are now detected automatically upon being plugged into your computer. A handy refresh button is provided in case you need to unlock your OnlyKey or are using an NFC reader. Using a key file? No problem, just click I have a key file to show the standard key file picker.

New Unlock Screen
New Unlock Screen

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Fix multiple TOTP issues [#9874]
  • Fix focus loss on save when the editor is not visible anymore [#9868]
  • Fix visual when removing entry from history [#10075]
  • Fix first entry is not selected when a search is performed [#9868]
  • Prevent scrollbars on entry drag/drop [#9747]
  • Prevent duplicate characters in “Also choose from” field of password generator [#9803]
  • Security: Prevent byte-by-byte and attachment inference side channel attacks [#10266]
  • MacOS: Fix crash when changing highlight/accent color [#10348]
  • MacOS: Fix TouchID appearance depending on lid open/closed [#10092]
  • Windows: Fix terminating KeePassXC processes with MSI installer [#9822]

Download the latest version of KeePassXC from our official website and enjoy these enhancements. As always, your feedback is invaluable to us. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, please reach out to our community or report them on our GitHub repository.


You can view the entire list of changes on the 2.7.7 Release Page.


The new release can be downloaded from our downloads page, the Microsoft Store, our Ubuntu PPA, and Flathub.


Please report any bugs you encounter at our GitHub issue tracker. We are also available on Matrix for real-time feedback and discussions. See our contact page for further options.