Funding an Authenticode code signing certificate

To further ensure that you can really trust our Windows and OS X installer and avoid false positives in anti virus scanners, we would like to acquire a 4-year Authenticode code signing certificate and for that we need your help.

Without a code signing certificate, Windows and OS X will always warn users that they are about to install software from an unknown (and possibly untrustworthy) vendor:

Windows UAC, no trusted certificate

Unfortunately, code signing certificates aren’t fee and to collect the needed funds for such a certificate, we need your financial support. We need to raise $265 in order to be able to buy the certificate. The certificate will be used to sign our Windows binaries and binaries on other platforms that support Authenticode (primarily Mac OS X).

To allow you to help, we started a Pledgie campaign where you can back us via PayPal. We would really appreciate if you would be willing to support us with a few dollars and spread the word, so others can support us, too.

Click here to lend your support to: KeePassXC Authenticode Certificate and make a donation at !

Thank you very much!

Sincerely, your KeePassXC team


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