After a little delay, we are very proud to announce the release of KeePassXC 2.2.1. This release comes with lots of bug fixes for the previous major release.

The team worked hard to fix any bugs reported by the community and managed to resolve 59 issues.

Full Changelog:
  • Corrected multiple snap issues [#934, #1011]
  • Corrected multiple custom icon issues [#708, #719, #994]
  • Corrected multiple Yubikey issues [#880]
  • Fixed single instance preventing load on occasion [#997]
  • Keep entry history when merging databases [#970]
  • Prevent data loss if passwords were mismatched [#1007]
  • Fixed crash after merge [#941]
  • Added configurable auto-type default delay [#703]
  • Unlock database dialog window comes to front [#663]
  • Translation and compiling fixes

You can download the new release from our downloads page.