Today we announce with KeePassXC 2.2.2 the second patch release for KeePassXC 2.2.x. This release contains mostly fixes for our AppImage and Snap packages, but als numerous other bug fixes.

Most notably, users can now use the KeePassXC CLI tool from the AppImage binary by running it with the cli argument and AppImages now also correctly detect a plugged-in YubiKey. We also fixed an annoying issue where KeePassXC would always report entries without URLs to KeePassHTTP browser extensions.

In addition, we redesigned and greatly extended our list of FAQs for you.

Full Changelog:
  • Fixed entries with empty URLs being reported to KeePassHTTP clients [#1031]
  • Fixed YubiKey detection and enabled CLI tool for AppImage binary [#1100]
  • Added AppStream description [#1082]
  • Improved TOTP compatibility and added new Base32 implementation [#1069]
  • Fixed error handling when processing invalid cipher stream [#1099]
  • Fixed double warning display when opening a database [#1037]
  • Fixed unlocking databases with –pw-stdin [#1087]
  • Added ability to override QT_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable for AppImages [#1079]
  • Fixed transform seed not being regenerated when saving the database [#1068]
  • Fixed only one YubiKey slot being polled [#1048]
  • Corrected an issue with entry icons while merging [#1008]
  • Corrected desktop and tray icons in Snap package [#1030]
  • Fixed screen lock and Google fallback settings [#1029]

You can download the new release from our downloads page.