Today we announce the release of KeePassXC 2.2.4.

This release is purely a stability release. Most importantly, we corrected a critical issue, where database corruption could occur under specific circumstances and also fixed several minor deployment issues and violations of the freedesktop specification for our Linux releases.

Besides these fixes, 2.2.4 is also our first signed macOS release. So users of Gatekeeper, cheer up! You will now be able to directly install and start KeePassXC after downloading it via your favorite browser.

Instead of an error message saying that this application cannot be started, you will now see this:

macOS Gatekeeper Signed App

We are not impressed by how Gatekeeper acknowledges (or rather fails to acknowledge) the fact that this app is indeed signed, but this should still be a huge improvement for our macOS users. Also, as you may have noticed from the screenshot, the new signed DMG installer comes with a slightly nicer-looking layout.

Full Changelog:
  • Prevent database corruption when locked [#1219]
  • Fixes apply button not saving new entries [#1141]
  • Switch to Consolas font on Windows for password edit [#1229]
  • Multiple fixes to AppImage deployment [#1115, #1228]
  • Fixes multiple memory leaks [#1213]
  • Resize message close to 16x16 pixels [#1253]

You can download the new release from our downloads page.