The next big KeePassXC release is only weeks away and we are getting very anxious about releasing a first public beta version as soon as possible.

The new 2.3 release will bring a lot of new and long-awaited features to you. But lots of new features also mean lots of new and updated strings waiting to be translated and this is where we need you!

In case you didn’t know: we manage all our translations on Transifex where users can sign up and start translating KeePassXC into a language of their choice. No programming or other technical skills are needed. So if you are fluent in a language other than English and want to help, you are more than welcome to sign up over at Transifex and help us get KeePassXC to more users around the world.

The previous KeePassXC release has already been translated into a great many languages by an incredible number of volunteers (thank you guys, you are amazing!), but with the new release, we need many more new translations.

KeePassXC Translations

We pushed all new strings for the new release to a separate translation resource called develop–keepassx_ents on Transifex, so you can already start translating without messing with the translations for the previous stable release. We will continue to update this resource with new strings from our development branch.

We are looking forward to your translations!

Greetings and many thanks
Your KeePassXC Team