Today we release a first beta preview of KeePassXC 2.3.0.

The release is marked as experimental and allows you to test all the new features that will be coming in 2.3 before the final release. You can find the proper package for your operating system on our GitHub downloads page

Ubuntu PPA users can install the keepassxc-beta package in parallel with their stable keepassxc package.


KeePassXC 2.3 is our next big feature release. Here’s a short list of the biggest changes:

  • KDBX 4 and Argon2 support (yes, this is happening, you can know read and write KDBX 4 files and use the more secure Argon2 KDF)
  • ChaCha20 stream cipher support as alternative to AES and Twofish
  • SSH Agent integration
  • Browser integration with KeePassXC-Browser (replacing the old KeePassHTTP, which will be removed in future versions)
  • More and configurable entry columns
  • Preview panel
  • Support for custom entry colors
  • Many new and updated translations by our awesome translators community
  • Tons and tons of bug fixes and other minor improvements

The 2.3 final release will include a full changelog of all new features and bug fixes.

We encourage you to download and play with the new release. If you find bugs, please report them to our issue tracker.

A little word of warning here: Don’t forget that this is a beta release. We don’t expect major bugs, but please keep a backup of your database nonetheless, especially when testing the new KDBX 4 feature.

Release Schedule

We will keep the beta phase short and release a final version soon, just in time for inclusion into Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic.

Update 10:12 P.M.

Beta builds for Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial are now also available in the PPA.