A week has gone by since our last big feature release and today we announce the first 2.3 maintenance release KeePassXC 2.3.1.

KeePassXC 2.3 came with a lot of new features and, not unexpectedly, also quite a few new bugs, which we address in this new release.

Most importantly, we fixed two critical issues where an automatic KDBX 4.0 upgrade or an accidentally unplugged YubiKey could strip a challenge-response key when saving the database. KeePassXC now shows an error message when trying to save a challenge-response-secured database without a YubiKey.

We also fixed a few platform-specific crashes, which weren’t critical, but definitely annoying, as well as a few minor regressions. Two of them being qtbase translations not being loaded and the database tab order being mixed up after restarting KeePassXC.

The new release can be downloaded from our downloads page on GitHub, our Ubuntu PPA, and Snapcraft.


Here’s the full changelog for KeePassXC 2.3.1:

  • Fix unnecessary automatic upgrade to KDBX 4.0 and prevent challenge-response key being stripped [#1568]
  • Abort saving and show an error message when challenge-response fails [#1659]
  • Support inner stream protection on all string attributes [#1646]
  • Fix favicon downloads not finishing on some websites [#1657]
  • Fix freeze due to invalid STDIN data [#1628]
  • Correct issue with encrypted RSA SSH keys [#1587]
  • Fix crash on macOS due to QTBUG-54832 [#1607]
  • Show error message if ssh-agent communication fails [#1614]
  • Fix –pw-stdin and filename parameters being ignored [#1608]
  • Fix Auto-Type syntax check not allowing spaces and special characters [#1626]
  • Fix reference placeholders in combination with Auto-Type [#1649]
  • Fix qtbase translations not being loaded [#1611]
  • Fix startup crash on Windows due to missing SVG libraries [#1662]
  • Correct database tab order regression [#1610]
  • Fix GCC 8 compilation error [#1612]
  • Fix copying of advanced attributes on KDE [#1640]
  • Fix member initialization of CategoryListWidgetDelegate [#1613]
  • Fix inconsistent toolbar icon sizes and provide higher-quality icons [#1616]
  • Improve preview panel geometry [#1609]