Today we announce the second 2.3 maintenance release KeePassXC 2.3.2.

This release focuses on refining the favorite icon downloader, SSH Agent, and browser integration feature. A complimenting update to the browser plugin is also being released to increase reliability and usability.

The new release can be downloaded from our downloads page, our Ubuntu PPA, and Snapcraft.

Update 13:30 CEST:

We are experiencing a crash with the new version when browser integration is enabled. This issue primarily occurs on Windows, but also other platforms are affected. We decided to revert our download listing to 2.3.1 for now. If you see this crash, please downgrade to that version. We have developed a fix already and will release it later today.

Update 20:30 CEST:

An update 2.3.3 has been released and we recommend upgrading to it.


Here’s the full changelog for KeePassXC 2.3.2:

  • Enable high entropy ASLR on Windows [#1747]
  • Enhance favicon fetching [#1786]
  • Fix crash on Windows due to Auto-Type [#1691]
  • Fix dark tray icon changing all icons [#1680]
  • Fix –pw-stdin not using getPassword function [#1686]
  • Fix placeholders being resolved in notes [#1907]
  • Enable auto-type start delay to be configurable [#1908]
  • Browser: Fix native messaging reply size [#1719]
  • Browser: Increase maximum buffer size [#1720]
  • Browser: Enhance usability and functionality [#1810, #1822, #1830, #1884, #1906]
  • SSH Agent: Parse aes-256-cbc/ctr keys [#1682]
  • SSH Agent: Enhance usability and functionality [#1677, #1679, #1681, #1787]