KeePassXC 2.4.0 released

After two beta releases, today we are proud to release KeePassXC 2.4.0!

With this release, we have streamlined our code, improved the user interface, and added several new and exciting features. We have merged a total of 116 pull requests that implemented 12 new features, resolved 28 bugs, and closed 73 issues.

Among the highlights of this release are a new database creation wizard, advanced search, KeeShare database sharing and synchronization, update checks, OpenSSH for Windows support, and a QR Code generator for TOTP.

Thanks to our active community, KeePassXC is now available in 40 languages! Help us translate on Transifex.

The new release can be downloaded from our downloads page, our Ubuntu PPA, and Snapcraft.

A special thanks to our Patreon donors and the excellent code contributions from ckieschnick and mstarke of HicknHack Software. Additionally, special thanks to adolfogc, mxk6n, kneitinger, brainplot, and the KeePassXC Team.

A Few Technicalities

With KeePassXC 2.4.0, we got rid of the EXE Windows installer in favor of an MSI installer. The new MSI installer is generally equivalent in functionality, though if you were using the EXE installer before, you need to manually uninstall KeePassXC before installing the update.

Our macOS binaries now have a minimum requirement of macOS 10.12 (Sierra) instead of 10.10 (Yosemite) as before. This is due to a new Qt version which is required in order to provide you with support for the new Mojave dark theme. KeePassXC itself will continue to run on older systems, but would need to be recompiled for that specific macOS version from source.


Here is the full changelog for KeePassXC 2.4.0:


Please report any bugs you encounter at our GitHub issue tracker. We are also available on Matrix for real-time feedback and discussions. See our contact page for further options.