KeePassXC 2.4.1 released

We are happy to announce KeePassXC 2.4.1, the first maintenance release of the 2.4 series!

The new release fixes several bugs introduced in the previous feature release, including a case of possible data loss when unsafe saves were disabled on macOS and an issue with reading legacy keyfiles preventing the user from opening their database.

Other notable changes are a crash fix when editing the master key, macOS Mojave dark mode enhancements, various KeeShare fixes, restoration of the previous Ctrl+C behavior for copying entries while searching, as well as tab order and navigation / UX improvements.

We also fixed a compilation error with older GCC versions, so PPA users on Ubuntu Xenial (and Trusty for that matter) are able to enjoy the new release as well.

The new release can be downloaded from our downloads page, our Ubuntu PPA, and Snapcraft.


Here is the full changelog for KeePassXC 2.4.1:

  • Fix database deletion when using unsafe saves to a different file system [#2889]
  • Fix opening databases with legacy key files that contain ‘/’ [#2872]
  • Fix opening database files from the command line [#2919]
  • Fix crash when editing master key [#2836]
  • Fix multiple issues with apply button behavior [#2947]
  • Fix issues on application startup (tab order, –pw-stdin, etc.) [#2830]
  • Fix building without WITH_XC_KEESHARE
  • Fix reference entry coloring on macOS dark mode [#2984]
  • Hide window when performing entry auto-type on macOS [#2969]
  • Improve UX of update checker; reduce checks to every 7 days [#2968]
  • KeeShare improvements [#2946, #2978, #2824]
  • Re-enable Ctrl+C to copy password from search box [#2947]
  • Add KeePassXC-Browser integration for Brave browser [#2933]
  • SSH Agent: Re-Add keys on database unlock [#2982]
  • SSH Agent: Only remove keys on app exit if they are removed on lock [#2985]
  • CLI: Add –no-password option [#2708]
  • CLI: Improve database extraction to XML [#2698]
  • CLI: Don’t call mandb on build [#2774]
  • CLI: Add debug info [#2714]
  • Improve support for Snap theming [#2832]
  • Add support for building on Haiku OS [#2859]
  • Ctrl+PgDn now goes to the next tab and Ctrl+PgUp to the previous
  • Fix compiling on GCC 5 / Xenial [#2990]
  • Add .gitrev output to tarball for third-party builds [#2970]
  • Add WITH_XC_UPDATECHECK compile flag to toggle the update checker [#2968]


Please report any bugs you encounter at our GitHub issue tracker. We are also available on Matrix for real-time feedback and discussions. See our contact page for further options.