Today we are releasing the first maintenance update for the 2.5 baseline, KeePassXC 2.5.1.

This update comes with fixes to reported issues after our initial release. Thank you for your patience and detailed reports that allowed us to fix these problems. Overall this release brings significant stability and usability improvements to KeePassXC. Most notably the file hash checking has been reduced to every 30 seconds to eliminate lag with large databases.

Additionally, we provided several macOS related fixes including the ability to having Apple notarize our release: macOS Notarization

The new release can be downloaded from our downloads page, our Ubuntu PPA, and Snapcraft.

Please report any bugs you encounter at our GitHub issue tracker. We are also available on Matrix and IRC in case you have any other issues with the new release (see Contact).


This is the full changelog for KeePassXC 2.5.1:

  • Add programmatic use of the EntrySearcher [#3760]
  • Explicitly clear database memory upon locking even if the object is not deleted immediately [#3824]
  • macOS: Add ability to perform notarization of built package [#3827]
  • Reduce file hash checking to every 30 seconds to correct performance issues [#3724]
  • Correct formatting of notes in entry preview widget [#3727]
  • Improve performance and UX of database statistics page [#3780]
  • Improve interface for key file selection to discourage use of the database file [#3807]
  • Hide Auto-Type sequences column when not needed [#3794]
  • macOS: Revert back to using Carbon API for hotkey detection [#3794]
  • CLI: Do not show protected fields by default [#3710]
  • Secret Service: Correct issues interfacing with various applications [#3761]
  • Fix building without additional features [#3693]
  • Fix handling TOTP secret keys that require padding [#3764]
  • Fix database unlock dialog password field focus [#3764]
  • Correctly label open databases as locked on launch [#3764]
  • Prevent infinite recursion when two databases AutoOpen each other [#3764]
  • Browser: Fix incorrect matching of invalid URLs [#3759]
  • Properly stylize the application name on Linux [#3775]
  • Show application icon on Plasma Wayland sessions [#3777]
  • macOS: Check for Auto-Type permissions on use instead of at launch [#3794]