KeePassXC 2.6.2 released

Today we are releasing the second 2.6 maintenance update, KeePassXC 2.6.2.

This update includes several major bug fixes and user interface improvements. A major improvement to the way the browser integration prioritizes and handles URLs has been introduced. Additionally, the phantom scrollbar has been fixed along with macOS theme improvements.

Notable additions in this release are an “Always on Top” mode and options to specify configuration file locations.

The new release can be downloaded from our downloads page, our Ubuntu PPA, and Snapcraft.

Please report any bugs you encounter at our GitHub issue tracker. We are also available on Matrix and IRC in case you have any other issues with the new release (see Contact).

2.6.2 Changelog


  • Add option to keep window always on top to view menu [#5542]
  • Move show/hide usernames and passwords to view menu [#5542]
  • Add command line options and environment variables for changing the config locations [#5452]


  • Mask sensitive information in command execution confirmation prompt [#5542]
  • SSH Agent: Avoid shortcut conflict on macOS by changing “Add key” to Ctrl+H on all platforms [#5484]


  • Prevent data loss with drag and drop between databases [#5536]
  • Fix crash when toggling Capslock rapidly [#5545]
  • Don’t mark URL references as invalid URL [#5380]
  • Reset entry preview after search [#5483]
  • Set Qt::Dialog flag on database open dialog [#5356]
  • Fix sorting of database report columns [#5426]
  • Fix IfDevice matching logic [#5344]
  • Fix layout issues and a stray scrollbar appearing on top of the entry edit screen [#5424]
  • Fix tabbing into the notes field [#5424]
  • Fix password generator ignoring settings on load [#5340]
  • Restore natural entry sort order on application load [#5438]
  • Fix paperclip and TOTP columns not saving state [#5327]
  • Enforce fixed password font in entry preview [#5454]
  • Add scrollbar when new database wizard exceeds screen size [#5560]
  • Do not mark database as modified when viewing Auto-Type associations [#5542]
  • CLI: Fix two heap-use-after-free crashes [#5368,#5470]
  • Browser: Fix key exchange not working with multiple simultaneous users on Windows [#5485]
  • Browser: Fix entry retrieval when “only best matching” is enabled [#5316]
  • Browser: Ignore recycle bin on KeePassHTTP migration [#5481]
  • KeeShare: Fix import crash [#5542]
  • macOS: Fix toolbar theming and breadcrumb display issues [#5482]
  • macOS: Fix file dialog randomly closing [#5479]
  • macOS: Fix being unable to select OPVault files for import [#5341]