Note: we do not recommend using this release as it contains a couple of bugs

Today we are releasing the fifth 2.6 maintenance update, KeePassXC 2.6.5.

This version brings numerous backports from the develop branch to bring some of our exciting new features into a stable release. Notable changes include showing the search bar even when hidden, showing a countdown when the clipboard contains data, retaining creation date when saving the database, and fixing numerous bugs. See more in the changelog after the break.

The new release can be downloaded from our downloads page, our Ubuntu PPA, and Snapcraft.

Please report any bugs you encounter at our GitHub issue tracker. We are also available on Matrix and IRC in case you have any other issues with the new release (see Contact).

2.6.5 (2021-06-07)

  • Show search bar when toolbar is hidden or in overflow #6279
  • Show countdown for clipboard clearing in status bar #6333
  • Command line option to lock all open databases #6511
  • Allow CSV import of bare TOTP secrets #6211
  • Retain file creation time when saving database #6576
  • Set permissions of saved attachments to be private to the current user #6363
  • OPVault: Use Text instead of Name for attribute names #6334
  • Reports: Allow resizing of reports columns #6435
  • Reports: Toggle showing expired entries #6534
  • Save Always on Top setting #6236
  • Password generator can exclude additional lookalike characters (6/G, 8/B) #6196
  • Allow setting MSI properties in unattended install #6196
  • Update MainWindow minimum size to enable smaller verticle space #6196
  • Use application font size when setting default or monospace fonts #6332
  • Fix notes not clearing in entry preview panel in some cases #6481
  • macOS: Correct window activation when restoring from tray #6575
  • macOS: Better handling of minimize after unlock when using browser integration #6338
  • Linux: Start after the system tray is available on LXQt #6216
  • Linux: Allow selection of modal dialogs on X11 in Auto-Type #6204
  • KeeShare: prevent crash when file extension is missing #6174